Well Site Geology

GTN has more than 25 years of experience in the geological management of the drilling of deep geothermal wells for various reservoirs like e. g., sandstone aquifer systems, fractured carbonate aquifers and metamorphic fractured and fault aquifers in Germany and worldwide. Because of the long experience in the drilling of deep geothermal wells the well site geologists are abale to react quickly to a wide variety of geological situations and to coordinate them with the drilling engineers. Since the wells are by far the most expensive part in a geothermal project, it is extremely important to make the right decisions quickly.

In preparation for drilling, the drilling path is planned and the depth of the layers to be expected is estimated using seismic profiles or nearby boreholes.  The well site geologist considers such a preliminary geological profile while drilling and constantly investigates the drilled layers thereby adapting the preliminary geological profile to the actual one as well as to the drilling path. Unexpected faults, fractures, changing formations and other characteristic parameters play a role and are described.

During drilling, samples are taken in certain intervals and examined microscopically. Special attention is paid to the fossil content, lithological composition, colour, chemical composition and other components. This can provide information on the area of sedimentation, its age as well as structural geological relationships.   

  • Geological supervision of drillings
  • Geological drill core analysis
  • Petrophysical investigations
  • Micropaleontological sampling and analysis
  • Petrographical analysis

The well site geologist is the link between technology and geology

Dr. Marco Wunsch

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