Bohrehole Heat Exchangers and Energy Piles

Borehole Heat Exchangers (BHE) or energy piles are closed systems circulating a heat transfer medium that is warmed up or cooled by the surrounding soil. A large number of BHEs or energy piles is required to meet high energy demands, e.g., of schools or office building complexes. Numerical simulations of the subsurface behaviour are needed for the optimal dimensioning of large BHE fields or energy pile arrays or in the case of complex hydrogeological situations.

BHEs installed down to several km of depth represent a special case and are referred to as Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers. The design of these variants (depth of completion, used materials, etc.) is of primary importance here.

The following services are offered in the field of shallow BHEs and energy piles:

  • Dimensioning of the BHE field / energy pile arrow by semi-numerical simulations
  • Dimensioning of the BHE field / energy pile arrow by numerical simulations  
  • Energetic dimensioning of the heat pump system

For Deep BHEs, we offer:

  • Conception of the design
  • Numerical simulations for determination of the thermal output

Design of closed geothermal energy supply systems

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