Assessment of the Geothermal Potential of Geothermal Energy Production in the Koprivnica Region/Croatia

In September 2010, GTN could finalize the project „Geological and Geophysical Study as well as Feasibility Study for Koprivnica HUHR/0901 /2.1.3/0009/Study HU“ within the framework of an EC Crosss-border Programme. The geological situation and the technical and economic frame conditions have been analyzed here for this site in Croatia.

The position of depth and the stratigraphic boundaries and faults have been determined by means of passive geophysical methods. In a feasibility study, technical solutions have been planned and evaluated for the potential use of the geothermal resources. For that, the potential flow rate of the thermal water has been increased from 100 l/s to more optimistic 150 l/s. There have been considered the exclusive geothermal power generation and the parallel heat supply to consumers of different size for both the industrial areas and the city itself.


  • Gravimetric logs (interpretation)
  • Magnetotelluric logs (interpretation)
  • Regional geological situation
  • Numerical simulation of the subsurface behaviour
  • Determination of the drill sites
  • Analysis of the heat demand
  • Surface system
  • Profitablility assessments
140-200 °C 
96,000 MWh/a   
Geothermal power generation is feasible