The causes that make stimulations measures necessary are manifold. Problems often arise, e.g., during injection: Solids transport, chemical precipitation, solid relocation, microbiology, corrosion, hydraulic problems (skin effect), drilling completion, reservoir formation, design of the surface system, filtration, gas content… The aim of the investigations is not only the development of the stimulation concept itself, but also the long-term avoidance of stimulation methods by clarification and reduction of the causes themselves.

We recommend and plan the stimulation concept based on the individual conditions and the respective problems that may have occurred in the geothermal system / well. Among others, this includes a detailed data research of the history and causes which determine the application of a stimulation, the presentation of potential risks, the possible alternative or options, the application for the appropriate permits, the planning of the stimulation process and the dosage of chemicals as well as the scientific and technical support of the stimulation work. This is followed by the evaluation of the stimulation result and the subsequent recommendations. The stimulations are carried out by specialist companies.   

Already supervised simulation methods:

  • “Soft” acidizing, matrix acidizing
  • Coiled-tubing, pressure acidizing, jet treatment
  • Hydraulic tests (lift, pump and injection tests)
  • Gas tests
  • For groundwater wells: chemical-mechanical treatment, intensive desanding
  • Planning, evaluation of accompanying investigations such as well logging, camera inspection, geochemical modelling

By combining different disciplines such as geology, geochemistry, drilling technology, reservoir engineering & stimulation, energy and water engineering, GTN covers a wide range of specialist services to determine the optimal  stimulation method for each site and recommendations for reducing the causes.

Dr. Marco Wunsch

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