Unterhaching Geothermal Power Plant

The Unterhaching geothermal project with an original electrical generating capacity of approx. 3.4 MW and a final thermal capacity of 70 MW was started in 2004 and has been supplying district heat to local households since 2007. Therefore, the power plant extracts heat from the Malmkarst via a well with a discharge rate of up to 150 l/s. The thermal water, produced from a depth of 3,350 m, has a temperature of 122 °C. After use, it is reinjected back into the underground via a second 3,590 m deep well.  

In the meantime, the Kalina cycle-based power generation plant has been shut down. On the other hand, according to the operator Geothermie Unterhaching GmbH & Co KG, around 7,000 households have been connected to the geothermal district heat supply via a 47 km long heating network (Status 2017).


  • Drilling engineering and geological planning and supervision of the deep
  • Planning, supervision and evaluation oft he hydraulic tests and trial operation
  • Permitting procedures under the Mining Code and Water Act
  • Planning and commissioning of the thermal water loop incl. design of the submersible pump as well as planning and supervision of the initial installation
  • Planning, support and documentation of pump replacements and acidising
  • Geochemical and operational data monitoring, technical consultancy to the operator
38 MW 
Geothermal capacity
108,000 MWh/a 
Geothermal heat supply
22,000 t/a 
CO2 savings