Shallow Geothermal Energy Use for the Protestant School St. Marien in Neubrandenburg

The Evangelische Schulstiftung (Protestant School Foundation) in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and North Elbia erected a new school in Neubrandenburg as part of its development into a Christian Community School. The investors focused on energy optimisation and sustainability. In addition to passive energy-saving measures, a green roof and rainwater utilisation, active systems such as photovoltaics and shallow geothermal energy were also planned. GTN was responsible for the latter.

A supply concept was developed and implemented that is based on combined heating and cooling using a groundwater reservoir with low-temperature systems (underfloor heating, etc.).

The groundwater flow of 35 m³/h is developed via a production and an injection well, each 30 m deep, and utilised by heat pumps with 180 kW heating output. Cooling energy is generated by direct heat exchange with the groundwater to the extent of 40 kW.

The school building is largely equipped with a system for concrete core activation.


  • Preliminary geological exploration
  • Numerical simulation
  • Permitting procedures under the Water Act
  • Planning, tendering and construction supervision for the systems of geothermal heat and cold production incl. asscociated pipe construction, electrical engineering and automation
Class rooms
225 MWh/a 
Heat demand