Country Study „Ukraine“ on the Geothermal Potential

The geothermal potential of more than 700 sites in Ukraine has been investigated jointly with Mannvit. Various technologies of geothermal energy use have been considered with a view to both the quality of the geothermal resource and an appropriate market for the production of heat and/or electricity:

  • District heat supply and direct hydrothermal energy use for district heat supply
  • Power generation from hydrothermal energy use focusing on heat and power cogeneration
  • Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS).

In addition, the utilization of shallow aquifer systems has been analyzed indicatively in areas with limited possibilities of geothermal energy use.

With due consideration of potentialm costs, risks and other „soft“ local factors, sites for more detailed investigations have been selected and a project development plan prepared based on a rating matrix.


  • Analysis of the hydrogeothermal resource potential
  • Analysis of the heat market
  • Elaboration of a methodology for the evaluation and ranking of sites
Investigated regions
Investigates sites
Site with geothermal potential