Mineral Water Reservoir Development „Rheinsberger PreussenQuelle“

In 2002, a mineral water reservoir has been investigated at the site of Rheinsberg.For this the underground has been explored by a 222 m deep well. According to this it became evident that the Miocene sands of the Spremberg-Formation, which can be assigned to the Aquifer Complex III, form the productive horizon.   

During a 24-day performance test in 2007 (production phase 14 days, recovery phase 10 days), the possibility of sustainable production has been proven on the one hand, and inflows from other aquifers via leaks could be excluded on the other hand.  This test and the results obtained from the water analyses formed the basis of the approval of the production under the Water Act and the legal recognition as mineral water.

Since 2008, mineral water is produced here and sold by the  Rheinsberger PreussenQuelle GmbH.



  • Conduction and interpretation of tests
  • Implementation of the licensing procedure (recognition as mineral water, approval of the production under the Water Act)
  • Hydrogeochemical assessment
25 m³/h 
Maximum production
356 mg/l   
Solute mineral substances