TIGER - Deep Borehole Heat Exchanger

For HANJIN D&B Co., Ltd. investigations were carried out as part of the TIGER project to optimise a deep geothermal borehole heatexchanger in an uncased well. This was to supply a greenhouse complex with an area of 1,487 m² with heat. For this purpose, various constructions (materials and installation depths) were investigated with regard to their technical feasibility and thermal performance. Furthermore, the above-ground system and the necessary underwater pump were roughly designed.

Following the investigations, a workshop was held for the HANJIN D&B Co., Ltd. team in Gwangju (South Korea). The focus was on the conceptual design of deep geothermal borehole heatexchangers and numerical simulation of operating behaviour.


  • Feasability study
  • Numerical simulation
  • Workshop - fundamentals and application of deep borehole heat exchangers
1,487 m² 
Greenhouse area
Installation depth
627 MWh/year 
Heating Capacity