Thermal Water Production

Hydrothermal geothermal projects stand or fall with the reliability and economic efficiency of the production of thermal water.  The industry provides a range of solutions for pumps for most different flow rates, pump heads and properties of the pumped medium. The decisive factor is to find the optimum solution for the specific reservoir and the characteristics of the well from this modular system. This requires a high level of competence and experience. GTN provides both through its interdisciplinary team of plant constructors, modellers and geoscientists and through the numerous projects and research projects planned and implemented in close cooperation with pump manufacturers.

A tailor-made pump solution must be found for every application. This applies equally to moderate environments and complicated operating conditions, i.e., very large installation depths, high temperatures, unfavourable installation positions, high gas content, corrosive contents, abrasive substances, etc. The industry provides a modular system of electric submersible centrifugal pumps including their peripherals (frequency converters, pump cables, various monitoring systems). The same refers to the less frequently used line shaft pumps.  

GTN supports you in all phases of the selection, optimisation, planning, installation and operation of thermal water production systems:

  • Analysis of the hydraulic, geo- and electrochemical as well as possibly microbiological framework conditions of the pump application
  • Numerical modelling of the thermal water hydraulics in the subsurface as well as of the well behaviour
  • Definition of the pressure level in the surface thermal water loop
  • Complex optimisation of the overall system consisting of well arrangement, drilling concepts, design of the surface thermal water loop and energy conversion systems to define the framework conditions for pump selection
  • Selection of the pump type and its peripherals
  • Choice of materials
  • Support in tendering and contracting
  • Monitoring of pump installation
  • Pump monitoring with regard to performance parameters, energy efficiency, material behaviour

Ultimately, the degree of availability of the geothermal energy supply determines its future.  Production pumps are the only drive of the thermal water loop and therefore decisive in this context.

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