Reservoir Modeling

The thermal and hydraulic impacts on the reservoir caused by the operation of a geothermal system are simulated by reservoir modeling. As a result, the development of the production temperature and the long-term yield can be prognosticated and the optimum internal distance of doublet wells in the underground can be determined in order to guarantee long-term operation.

Furthermore, reservoir models are required for the application or licensing procedures.

Depending on the respective task, several aspects of the reservoir modeling have to be considered.

GTN has long-standing experience in the prognostication of the long-term behaviour of:

  • Aquifer heat and cold storage systems based on several boreholes (ATES = Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage)
  • Hydrothermal doublet and triplet systems
  • Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) concepts
  • Structure of numerical 3D models
  • Simulation coupled heat-, mass and flow transport
  • Long-term prognosis of the reservoir behaviour

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