Landau Geothermal Cogeneration Plant

The North German Basin, the South German Molasse Basin and the Upper Rhine Graben are the most important geothermal regions in Germany. Hydrothermal fluids circulate here along deep fault systems.  By order of geo x GmbH, a study has been conducted in 2002/2003 in order to localize and assess suitable geothermal sites in the Upper Rhine Graben.  The site of Landau (Palatinate) has been chosen out of 10 investigated locations.

In 2003/2004, the legal approvals required for building and mining activities have been obtained, a geological model compiled and the targets of the well doublet determined. Afterwards, two geothermal wells have been drilled and the cogeneration plant has been built.

Since November 2007, the geothermal power station is in operation.


  • Study for the selection of the most suitable geothermal site in the Upper Rhine Graben
  • Geological model and determination of the well targets
  • Elaboration of the licensing documents required under the Mining Code and Water Act (application for approval, basic schedule of operations, etc.)
  • Planning of several parts of the the surface system
160 °C 
3 MW 
Power output