Seismic Monitoring

Depending on the local geological structure, stimulation measures or the operation of geothermal systems can induce seismic activity. Therefore it may be possible that the seismic activity needs to be monitored at the site of a geothermal project.



Depending on the local geological conditions, the stress field and the kind of the geothermal system, seismic monitoring can be necessary and required. It must be distinguished here whether seismic events shall be proven in general and their magnitude be measured or potential seismic activity shall be located. Accordingly, it can be concluded whether a single station will be enough or a complex network various stations will be needed.  Of course, these decisions influence the accruing costs of the seismic monitoring considerably.

GTN offers the following services:

  • Planning of seismic monitoring networks
  • Communication with relevant authorities

Through seismic monitoring the evolution of induced seismic activity can be detected early, thus allowing for the taking of adequate countermeasures.

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