We think in depth

Geothermie Neubrandenburg GmbH (GTN) is an internationally active consulting and planning office of engineers and geologists. Our services cover the entire spectrum of geotechnical and engineering solutions for geothermal energy supply and other innovative energy systems.

Our clients include private and public investors, public authorities, architects, building planners and research institutes.

GTN is a part of Mannvit's group of specialized engineering and geoscience that have a wide range of experience across the globe.

GTN and its affliates work together to create a competent cross-disciplinary team of experts that can take geothermal projects from feasibility stage to commissioning stage. 

International geothermal group


GTN and its affilitated companies include Mannvit, headquartered in Iceland, with offices in Hungary, Greenland and Indonesia. Vatnaskil resource specialist located in Iceland and HRV engineering, specialized in heavy industry engineering such as aluminum plants.